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Before you decided to join Pak Army as a commissioned officer, you must have a deep knowledge about the history, structure, duties, training, and capability and selection criteria. Pak Army is among the top five armed forces in the world. Its personal are well equipped, well trained and can meet the challenges of the present age. Only people who deserve and have special abilities are selected to join Pak Army to serve as commissioned officers.
Pak Army was created in 1947 after the independence from British Raj. Pak Army had and has playing a very important role in establishment of Pakistan. This is the most powerful institution in Pakistan. After birth Pak Army was very small in number. Even equipped with very old age guns and ammunition, Pak Army proved it self as a professional institution in first war against Indian Army in 1948. In 1965 India attacked Pakistan without any prior notice, but Pak Army defended its land and enemy was enforced to retreat.

Pak Army commissioned ranks and its structure is designed very professionally. After getting commission in Pak Army a commissioned officer is promoted gradually after examining its abilities. When you appear in tests to join Pak Army you must have remember all ranks. Following are the commissioned ranks in Pak Army
  • Second lieutenant
  • Lieutenant
  • Caption
  • Major
  • Lieutenant Cornel
  • Cornel
  • Brigadier
  • Major General
  • Lieutenant General
  • General
  • Chief of the Army Staff
Pak Army is consists of corps which assigned to do relative tasks. Major Cores and their duties are explained below.

Armed Corps
Armed Core is the most important corps in Pak Army. It is equipped with light and heavy tanks like AL ZARAR, AL KHALID and many more. This corps is assigned to penetrate in the enemy area and to destroy the front line of the enemy.

Artillery Corps
This Core is a guarantee of successful advancement of armed personal and carriers in the enemy area because a perfect shelling can force the enemy to move back.

Infantry Corps
This Corps is consists of personal equipped with light arms like machine guns, sniper guns and many more to clear and occupy the enemy area.

Medical Corps
The Medical Corps have a very important duty in any army. During war wounded troops are evacuated from the battle field to hospitals and to reduce the loses of precious lives of skilled armed personal.

Engineering Corps
This Corps is assigned to continue the movement of armed personal and carriers by constructing bridges, roads and repairing of damaged equipments.

If you want to join Pak army, you must have to get a recommendation from Inter Service Selection Board (I.S.S.B.).This institute is developed to select the fit candidates to serve as commissioned officers in Pak Army. There are a variety of tests taken in I.S.S.B to examine the hidden abilities of candidates.

I.S.S.B (Inter Services Selection Board)
Inter Services Selection Board is the institution based on the following three parts.
  • President
  • Voice President
  • Group Testing Officer (G.T.O)
  • Psychologist
The I.S.S.B is like a voting system and a candidate have to get only one vote, voted by the above persons. The above mentioned officers are the selectors of I.S.S.B and their duty is to examine the candidate and recommend to the General Head Quarters.

Following are the tests Taken in the I.S.S.B,
After clearing the above mentioned tests, you will be recommended to join Pak Army as a commissioned officer and will be called for training at Pakistan Military Academy KAKOL


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