Pakistan Air Force

Pakistan Air Force is a well organized and highly trained air force in the world. It has latest fighter jet planes and a skilled team. It can defend and have an ability to counter attack. In case of any air attack its air defiance system alerts in advance and its jets can approach at any place inside of the country within 2 minutes. JF 17 Thunder, F16, Mirage, F7, A5, C130, ZDK-03 AWACS are the planes in use by Pakistan Air force effectively. Its pilots had made many word records in dog fighting and other fields.

Following are the main branches of Pakistan Air Force which have importance like backbone.

  • GDP (General Duty Pilot)
  • Air Defense
  • Admin Branch
  • IT Branch
  • Legal Branch
  • Education
  • Logistic Branch
  • Medical Branch
Selection criteria to join Pakistan Air Force always vary. It is different for different branches as per requirement.

Join Pakistan Air Force
Pakistan Air Force is seeking for a group of people who dare to serve and deadly honest. For this purpose Pakistan Armed Forces established a selection platform called I.S.S.B There is different types of tests are organized to filter the candidates. If a candidate is filtered through these tests, he is recommended fit for Pakistan Air Force as a commissioned officer.

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