Questions in Interview


Interview is the most important part of I.S.S.B. I has a big pressure on the candidate but if you try to follow my instructions and prepare these questions, chances of your success will b increased. 80% of interview is based on your family background 10% is based on mathematical questions and 10% is based on education. You should not worry about your education just prepare other things.

  • Dress well
  • Be calm
  • Be obedient
  • Be confident
  • Do not move your legs or hands unnecessary
  • When you answer or think always see in the eyes of the interviewer
  • Never say sorry question asked about mathematics
  • Never tell a live about your family background

Following are the most asked questions in I.S.S.B interview
  1. G-8 Countries names?
  2. Darras Names between Pakistan & Afghanistan?
  3. Darra Names between Pakistan & China?
  4. D-8 Countries Names?
  5. SAARC Countries names and objective?
  6. Which country is situated in north of China?
  7. Where is Swiss Canal?
  8. Where is Panama Canal?
  9. Where is Dead Sea?
  10. Name of sea between America & Europe?
  11. Where is Cyprus?
  12. Where is Somalia?
  13. Who wrote National Anthem?
  14. What is leap year?
  15. Where is jabot?
  16. In which direction is Arabia sea from Pakistan?
  17. Slogan of Pakistan Army?
  18. What is Green Peace?
  19. Which country has no written constitution?
  20. When Pakistan declared itself an atomic power?
  21. What do you mean by B.P.?
  22. Name of chief justice of Pakistan?
  23. Why sky is blue?
  24. How many countries are in O.I.C?
  25. How many countries are in U.N.O?
  26. What is a budget?
  27. What is senate?
  28. Name of three countries in south Africa?
  29. What is L.O.C?
  30. Which is the biggest boundary of Pakistan?
  31. What is K.R.L?
  32. Name of five cities of Baluchistan?
  33. What is CTBT?
  34. Where is khanki Beraj?
  35. Why red color is is a symbol of danger?
  36. Where is Gobi desert?
  37. Who is information minister of Pakistan?
  38. What is the name of line between India and China?
  39. Where is Panama?
  40. What do you mean by GTR?
  41. Name of interior minister of India?
  42. Name of interior minister of USA?
  43. Names of five countries of Europe?
  44. Where is Chechnya?
  45. Where is Kharan?
  46. Name the biggest civil award of Pakistan?
  47. Name of highest battle field?
  48. Name of the capital of Holland?
  49. Where is Fiji Islands?
  50. Where is Kosovo?
  51. Army brigadier is equal to air force Rank?
  52. Name of three military awards of Pakistan?
  53. Name of the javelin of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) ?
  54. Weight of on moon of any thing is?
  55. Name of the sward of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)?
  56. Name of general secretary of UNO?
  57. Area of Turkey?
  58. What is difference between sea and ocean?
  59. Which country is situated in north of Iran?
  60. What is red cliff?
  61. Height of Mina-e-Pakistan?
  62. Who constructed G.T road?
  63. Name of famous sea ports in the world?
  64. Who was first queen of subcontinent?
  65. First Nobel price for physics?
  66. Number of members of Security Council?
  67. The biggest island of Japan?
  68. Population of Pakistan?
  69. Where is Maldives?
  70. Who is the football champion?
  71. First president of SAARC?
  72. Pakistan resolution date and place?
  73. Who were Ali Bros.
  74. Who built red fort?
  75. Who was the first President of Pakistan?


  1. ok i really do appreciate all the effort u have made but i m confused dat all these general knowlegde questions are asked by doctors who want to join after mbbs???
    if yes then how to prepare for it?

  2. and plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz guide me too dat how to prepare things whch dey ask will ask from my course of mbbs.
    by da way i hv completed my mbbs course n now i m great great aspirant of joining pak army medical corps.

    1. You will go through short commission and they will not ask any other questions and question will be regarding your MBBS.

  3. Thanks for visiting y blog, yeah you may be right that these types of question are asked in MBBS interview. The main aim of a interview is to evaluate the personality and abilities of a candidate. The above question may also be asked in CSS or PCS interview. Ok Within 3 days I will provide you all the answers of above questions

  4. orite thnx for da pain u r gnna take

  5. where is the answer of above question "john".???????????????????????

  6. Why do u want to join PAKISTAN ARMY?
    Tell me the simple and better answer of my above question i wants to know the different answer of my question????

    1. Beacause i love pak army and i want to become an a shaheed

  7. Well...first of all i appreciate the writer of these points,secondly i wanna join pak army because a person with spirit for a dignified and respected life,a noble profession and a graceful death Would certainly make atleast one attempt to join forces......

    Pakistan Army Zindabad
    Pakistan Paendabad

  8. I have applied in ssc(IT) in pak navy. are computer science related questions also asked in interview. and pls send me answer of above questions at

  9. Asalam o Alaikum .. thanks for the above informative Questions i need the answers of the above questions... and plz tell the book form where i get my self prepared for Army email id

  10. Question . If we do not recommend you what will you next step?
    Question. If we recommend you and we transfer you in other defense force you agreed or not?
    Answer .
    Question. What is BP?
    Answer. Sir, It Stands for Boiling Point, Blood Pressure & Blue Print.
    Question. Have you ever seen Blue Print ?
    Question. How many times you saw Blue Print?
    Question. Your face show you saw Blue Prints 100 time?
    Question. Where you saw Blue Prints first time?
    Question. Why you saw Blue Prints?
    Question. After seeing you liked Blue Prints or not?
    Question. After seeing Blue Prints what you did?
    Answer .
    Question . What is HP?
    Answer .
    Question. Have you done Hand Practice ever?
    Answer .
    Question. Why you did Hand Practice?
    Answer .
    Question. Have you any boy or girl friend?
    Question. How many girl friend you have?
    Answer .
    Question. Which type of girl you like?
    Answer .
    Question. Did you ever kiss, sex or touch with your girlfriend?
    Answer .
    Question. Which type of thing you like in your girl friend?
    Question. What is DAT?
    Question. Have you ever gone on DAT?
    Question. When and Where have you gone?
    Answer .
    Question. If I asked you to give your girl friend for one night what will be your reaction?
    Question. How you done or complete your sexual urges?
    Question. What thing girls wear under kameez?
    Question. If your sister went to supermarket with a stranger boy what you will do?
    Question. If a girl put off his clothes what you will do?
    Question. If I get married with your sister?
    Question. If your sister slept on bed without cloths what you will do?
    Answer .

    1. Sir pleade give the answers of all the question given above my E.mail addresd

    2. please send me the answer of these questions

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    4. Could i plz have the answere to.the questions in my email!

    5. why the hell army officers will ask questions about your sister? and what she is wearing?
      please stop doing this

    6. they ask because they try to assess the candidate attitude or how he react to this question. they donot ask this personally. but to check the candidate and his positivity

    7. they ask because they try to assess the candidate attitude or how he react to this question. they donot ask this personally. but to check the candidate and his positivity

    8. Sir plz send me answers of these questions

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    1. agr aap k pass in question k ans hain tu plz mujhy send kr day q k mera 29 may ko interview hai

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  14. i need answers for all above questions plz send me i m gonna appeare in issb very soon I.A

  15. Answers of this question in first 40
    Solution Of Qutions If Any objection feel free contact me By waseem Ahmad 3027768336
    Q1:G-8 Countries name? Canada France Germany Italy Japan Russia United Kingdom United States
    Q2: Darras name between Pakistan and Afganistan? Durrand Line
    Q3: D-8 Coutries name? (Developed countries)
    Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Turkey and Bangladesh .
    Q4:SAARC Countries and object?
    “Accelerating economic growth” and cultural development in South Asia is one of the priorities, which come under the broader goal of improving quality of life.
    Current members:
     Afghanistan ,Bangladesh ,Bhutan ,India ,Maldives , Nepal ,Pakistan ,Sri Lanka

    Q5: which country is situated in north of china? Korea
    Q6: where is suez canal? Egypt, connecting the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea.
    Q7:where is panama canal?
    The 48 mile-long (77 km) international waterway known as the Panama Canal allows ships to pass between theAtlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean, saving about 8000 miles (12,875 km) from a journey around the southern tip of South America, Cape Horn
    Q8: where is dead sea? Israel's famous Dead Sea is the lowest and saltiest spot on earth.
    Q9: name of sea between America and Europe? Atlantic Occean
    Q10: where is Cyprus?
    Cyprus is the third largest and third most populous island in the Mediterranean, and a member state of the European Union. It is located south of Turkey, west of Syria andLebanon, northwest of Israel, north of Egypt and east of Greece.
    Q11:where is Somalia? Somalia is located in the Eastern Africa
    Q12: Who wrote national athem? Hafeez jalandhri
    Q13: what is leap year?
    A leap year has 366 days, as opposed to a common year, which has 365. Nearly every 4 years is a Leap Year, and we add a Leap Day, an extra – or intercalary – day on February 29. Leap years have 29 days in February, not 28.
    Q14:where is jabot island? North Pacific
    Q15: in which Direction Arabia sea in Pakistan? East of Pakistan
    Q16: slogan of Pakistan army?
    Q17: what is green peace? (International organization Purpose: Environmentalism, Peace) Greenpeace is a non-governmental environmental organization with offices in over forty countries and with an international coordinating body in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
    Q18? Which country has no written constitution? United Kingdom
    Q19: when Pakistan declare itself an atomic power? 28 May 1988
    Q20: what do u mean by B.P? Blood Pressure

  16. Q21: name of chief justice of Pakistan? NASIR-UL-MULK
    Q22: Why Sky is Blue? Blue light is scattered in all directions by the tiny molecules of air in Earth's atmosphere. Blue is scattered more than other colors because it travels as shorter, smaller waves. This is why we see a blue sky most of the time.(NASA)
    Q23: how many countries are in o.i.c: (organization Islamic countries) 57
    Q24:how many countries in U.N.O? 193
    Q25:what is budget? an estimate of income and expenditure for a set period of time.
    Q26: what is senate? the smaller upper assembly
    Q27: Name of three countries if Africa? Zimbabwe Swaziland Somalia Nigeria
    Q28: What is L.O.C? The term Line of Control (LoC) refers to the military control line between the Indian- and Pakistani
    Q30:which is biggest boundry of Pakistan? Longest Frontier Of Pakistan is with Afghanistan which is 1400 miles (2240 km) long
    Q31: What is K.R.L? Khan Research Laboratories
    Q32:name of five cities of Baluchistan? Quetta Khuzdar Turbut Chaman
    Q33:what is CTBT? Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT)
    Q34: where is khanki bertaj? Khanki Headworks is a headworks situated on the River Chenab inGujranwala District of the Punjab province of Pakistan. It was constructed in 1889 and is considered to be the oldest headworks in Pakistan. Khanki Headworks is used for irrigation and flood control.
    Q35: why RED color is symbol of Danger? The primary reason why the color red is used for danger signals is thatred light is scattered the least by air molecules. The effect of scattering is inversely related to the fourth power of the wavelength of a color.
    Q36: what is Gobidesert? is a large desert region in Asia. It covers parts of northern and northwestern China, and of southern Mongolia.
    Q37: who is information minister of Pakistan? Senator Pervaiz Rashid Q38: between India and china line name? McMahon Line
    Q39:where is panama? Central America,
    Q40:what do you mean by GTR? "Getting Ready"

  17. Answer of Q.19 looks wrong.
    the actual date is 28 may 1998, not 1988

  18. can any One send me All Answers Plzz ??? i will be very thankful to him

  19. can any One send me All Answers Plzz ??? i will be very thankful to him

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  21. can u plz guide me that how can i join pak army after my f.s.c exams

  22. can u plz guide me that how can i join pak army after my f.s.c exams

  23. my email account is

  24. can u plz guide me that how can i join pak army after my f.s.c exams

  25. can u please tell me how much height is required for a female to be an officer in pak armed forces

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  29. why do they need to ask these type of questions which are not even related to army?
    i thought they will ask questions like "why do you want to join army?,what is in you that we can't see through these degrees you got?'

  30. why do they need to ask these type of questions which are not even related to army?
    i thought they will ask questions like "why do you want to join army?,what is in you that we can't see through these degrees you got?'

  31. I have final interview on 21st october for the post of captain. My field is International relations.
    Please tell me what type of questions do i have to face during interview? Any idea.
    Secondly, do the pak army give preference to the minority as I am christian.

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    Sir ,can u tell me about initial interview asking questions.
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  34. please tell me which type of ques are asked in the interview of AFNS