Final Interview

Final Interview is taken by the Voice President. Interview includes questions about family background, education, intelligence, mathematics general knowledge and quick response.

Final Selection
Final selection of the candidate is made by the president base on the reports of Psychologist, G.T.O and the Voice president He is the head of the particular I.S.S.B where candidate is called for tests & interviews.

  • Be confident
  • Be calm
  • Be obedient
  • Be patient
  • Try to give short answers
  • Never tell a lie
  • Do not make any unnecessary move
  • Think a little bit before answer
  • Never say sorry on mathematical questions
  • You can say sorry for any question regarding education or general knowledge
  • Do not try to shake hand with the interviewer if he do not do so
  • Dress well
  • You may use a light perfume but not too much hard
  • Polish your shoes
  • Do not be shy on adult questions

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