Psychological Tests

Psychological Tests are taken by the Psychologist.

In these tests psychological approach of the candidate is filtered through following tests.
  • Psychological Tests
    1. Sentence Completion Test In Urdu
25 incomplete sentences in Urdu are to be filled in by the candidate with in limited time.
    1. Sentence Completion Test In English
25 incomplete sentences in English are to be filled in with in limited time.
    1. Word Association Test In English (100 Words)
100 words are played on projector the time gape between two words is 9 t0 10 seconds and the candidate have to make a sentence with in time.
    1. Story Writing In English (2 or Three stories)
Pictures are displayed on projector for 30 seconds and you have to think a story and 3 minutes are provided for story writing.
The main goal of short time is to calculate the actual mental approach of the candidate so your approach should be positive while solving the test. Do not think negative or write down any negative sentence or word in psychological tests.

  • Always think positive during tests
  • Do not make negative sentences like kill, murder, accident, death, adult etc
  • Do not criticize any one
  • Do not give suggestions

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